Unlock the full potential of your business with our comprehensive Language Solutions for Korean and Arabic Markets. From expert translation and interpretation to legal notarization, Apostille certification, desktop publishing (DTP), and book publishing, we provide everything you need to navigate linguistic and cultural barriers seamlessly. Let us help you bridge borders and expand your global footprint with confidence and precision.


Language Solutions for Korean and Arabic Markets: Translation, Legalization, Desktop & Book Publishing


Expert Translation and Interpreting Services – Our skilled team provides accurate and culturally relevant translation and interpreting services across multiple sectors. Whether it's for legal proceedings, medical appointments, or international conferences, we ensure clear communication.

Notarization/Apostille/Embassy Certification:

Comprehensive Certification Services – Navigate the complexities of international documentation with our notarization, Apostille, and embassy certification services. We streamline the process, ensuring your documents are legally recognized across borders.

DTP Publishing:

Desktop Publishing Solutions – Bring clarity and professional appeal to your publications with our DTP services. From layout design to typesetting, we handle the intricacies of preparing documents in multiple languages, ensuring they are print-ready and visually compelling.

Book Publishing (Editing, Design, Printing):

End-to-End Book Publishing – Transform your manuscript into a masterpiece with our complete book publishing services. Our team specializes in editing, design, and printing, offering personalized support to publish with confidence, from the first draft to the final print.

Quality Guaranteed: Elevating Standards with Our LQA Management System

What does ‘good quality’ really mean in translation and interpreting? Often a subjective claim, ‘quality’ without concrete standards may not reflect the true value of the service. Addressing this, TRABIC aligns with top-tier industry leaders, adopting a Language Quality Assurance (LQA) scorecard to systematically manage project quality. This advanced system assures the reliability and expertise of our services, gauging accuracy, consistency, cultural appropriateness, readability, and grammatical correctness. Our LQA-driven approach provides a special value to our services, positioning us as your dependable ally in successfully navigating the Arab market and reaching your business goals.

Echoes of Antiquity: Translating the Timeless Mu'allaqat into Korean

Discover the essence of Arabic literary heritage as we bring to life the esteemed Mu’allaqat through our Korean translation project. These seven ancient odes, once gracing the walls of the sacred Kaaba, resonate with profound cultural significance. Our dedicated team, accompanied by distinguished professors, has meticulously rendered each verse, ensuring the richness of the original Arabic poetry thrives in its Korean incarnation. Stay tuned for the exclusive interviews, revealing the intricate process behind capturing the grandeur of what Peter N. Stearns describes as ‘the most sophisticated poetic production in the history of Arabic letters.

Webinar Training

Advancing translators' expertise with comprehensive webinars on the latest CAT tools.

Professional Development

Cultivating exceptional linguistic talent through targeted skill-building programs.

Technology Integration

Equipping our team with advanced tools for unmatched translation precision and consistency.

How Do We Provide Quality Translators?

Tech-Forward Training: Elevating Translation Expertise

Our dedication to delivering unparalleled translation services begins with empowering our linguists. Through continuous webinars on Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, we equip our translators with the knowledge to utilize technology effectively, enhancing their skill set for superior performance. This commitment to professional development ensures our translators are not only proficient but also at the forefront of industry innovations, providing you with services that are second to none.

Popular translation languages

Focused Expertise: Key Languages for the Arab and Korean Markets

At TRABIC, we specialize in the four pivotal languages that serve as the cornerstone for successful communication within the Korean and Arab markets: Korean, English, French, and Arabic. Our targeted approach in these select languages allows us to deliver unparalleled translation and localization services, ensuring we meet the unique linguistic needs of these dynamic regions with precision and cultural sensitivity


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions

Dive into a curated list of answers for frequently posed inquiries regarding our translation and interpretation offerings. This section covers essential details like service timelines, pricing models, and operational procedures to help you navigate our services with ease.


Office visits must be scheduled at least one day in advance. For immediate translation or notarization needs on the same day, please contact us beforehand to ensure service availability. Walk-in visits may not receive immediate assistance. We recommend calling our office in advance to understand which documents to bring. If you require translation or notarization services, emailing your documents to us beforehand allows us to verify that they are properly prepared for your needs and to provide guidance on any additional documents you should bring to your appointment.

Our office operates from 10 AM to 5 PM KST (UTC+9). Please schedule your visit according to these hours, keeping in mind the time difference if you’re contacting us from a different time zone.

For services within South Korea, we accept bank deposits, credit/debit card payments, Naver Pay, Kakao Pay, direct bank transfers, and online link payments. For international clients, we accept payments via bank wire transfer and PayPal. Please ensure that international transactions comply with your local banking regulations.

If issues arise with your translation, such as inaccuracies or errors, our Language Quality Assurance (LQA) evaluation system allows for unlimited revisions to ensure accuracy. Should revisions be needed due to client preferences rather than translation errors, we offer one additional modification to accommodate your needs.

Wondering About Our Service Tiers for Translation?

Discover Tailored Translation Services for Every Need


Fast and affordable translations ideal for personal or general use, performed by expert translators.


Economical yet detailed translations for broader corporate needs, with an option for specialized topics


Enhanced translations with notarization available, suited for both business and specialized fields.


Full-service translation with expert review, ideal for intricate and specialized requirements demanding precision.

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